Thursday, 16 April 2015

Zazzlers rejoice!

Zazzlers rejoice!
I've just uploaded a new version of ZazMySite (generates complete website pages or just the product grids for blogs) that includes two new features:
1) There's now a page-specific exclusion list. This is useful when generating multiple pages at the same time and the master exclusion list is too coarse.
2) There's a new option for searching only in the product titles.
These are to defeat the tag spammers and description stuffers.
Try it here:

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Curiosity finds evidence of a daily water cycle on Mars

A huge range of data indicates that water has played a key part in the history of Mars, from entire oceans in the distant past, to evidence of lakes and streams at the landing site of the Curiosity rover. But what has not been clear is the role that water plays on the planet now. Hints of water activity have been spotted from orbit, but direct detection of liquid water on the surface has been elusive.

This week, a scientific team using data from the Curiosity rover has announced a bit more indirect evidence. Based on a combination of data about Martian weather and soil conditions, the researchers conclude that salts found on Mars can pull water out of the thin atmosphere and may drive a daily water cycle. While the evidence is indirect, it's consistent with data from a Russian instrument that registers indications of water molecules in the soil.

One of the more common chemicals in the Martian soil appears to be perchlorate salts, which have been detected from orbit and found by the Phoenix lander. These salts—calcium perchlorate in particular—readily form hydrates, where water molecules are integrated into the crystal structure itself to form an energetically favorable conformation. On Earth, this transition is so favorable that the salts can readily pull water out of the air on humid days.

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The Octographer: An Octopus Was Trained to Take Photographs of Aquarium Visitors in Just Three Tries

the-octographer (1)

The octopus is a fascinating creature. And its well-documented intellect has led more and more scientists to believe that humans may not be alone in their ability to comprehend and solve challenging problems. In addition to opening jars and predicting the outcomes of soccer matches, we can now add ‘taking photographs’ to the ongoing list of skills these 8-legged invertebrate can learn.

To promote their water-resistant camera, Sony recently teamed up with the Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand to teach an octopus named Rambo to take pictures of visitors from inside her tank. The camera was mounted on her tank “When we first tried to get her to take a photo, it only took three attempts for her to understand the process,” said one of the trainers. “That’s faster than a dog. Actually it’s faster than a human in some instances.” (via PetaPixel)

the-octographer (2)

the-octographer (3)

the-octographer (4)

the-octographer (5)

the-octographer (6)

the-octographer (7)

the-octographer (8)

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Byron Lars Fall 2015 Look Book

byron lars fall 2015
byron lars designer
Divine design. The fall 2015 collection of Byron Lars did not have a specific concept at the beginning of the development. Byron had a goal of adding in pieces to his line that were more relaxed, comfortable enough for a woman to throw on quickly for work or home. He started with his wall of trims, textures, and colors and let the collection grow organically. I was on hand assisting in the lookbook photo shoot and snapped a few pics of my own to show you.

Byron Lars is a master of structured stretchy sexy:

The result is one of my favorite collections ever. You have to remember that each Byron Lars garment is a masterpiece in construction, seaming, and internal structure. This means that "simple" in his book is still anything but. There were some very pretty sweater tops with a twisted draped shoulder with tonal contrast trim that could be a very special replacement for a tee. A tunic alternative might be a shaped top with a high-low hem, artisan embroidery and fabrics sourced from three countries. As an option for a legging, there are super soft, stretchy seamed moto pants with trapunto stitching and hip panels to really shape and flatter your back assets.

There was a collection of ultra suede that was softer than any fleece I have ever felt and light enough that it draped like a silk charmeuse. I am so frustrated that I have to wait another six months to get my hands on these. They feel more comfortable than pajamas, but the draped blouses and twist front dress look like the most shapely hourglass pieces imaginable. There was a more rustic group that combined Native American patterns, South American textiles, faux fur and rugged trims but were interpreted into very tailored, elegant silhouettes.

The romantic brocade coat dress up top is a fantastic look for an offbeat bride. PR director Sheila Gray has already claimed that as her wedding dress. With most Byron Lars looks, there is a bit of irony. The flared coat dress has a more industrial gunmetal patent belt to keep it from being too sweet. The glamour makeup was done by Kenecia Lashae of Passport 2 Pretty. The retro chic 1940's hair was by Julie. 

This collection was built for curves. Byron Lars chooses fabrics with a lot of structure, but a little stretch. He designs the seam lines to accentuate or support curves. This is definitely a collection that celebrates bodies that are generally underserved by other designers. He is also looking to develop a sultry full figured line to further serve his fans. I have to say that to see his clothes on a hanger or photos do NOT do them justice. They really need to be tried on and twirled around in to appreciate them (trust me, I do that more than I care to admit).

Here's my behind-the-scenes video at the Byron Lars Fall 2015 Lookbook shoot:

video and photos by Mariana Leung
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New quantum phase in a ZnO interface of best semiconductor quality

Heterointerfaces composed of dissimilar materials have been applied to functional devices such as transistors and light emitting diodes.

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+Gordon Roberts is a user / profile specifically set up to spam blogs. I have reported it...

+Gordon Roberts is a user / profile specifically set up to spam blogs. I have reported it perhaps 30 times or more, every time it spams my blogs. How can I put a stop to its activities? A simple check will prove my claims, yet nothing is done about it.

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Scanning meteorites in 3D may flesh out solar system’s origin story

What’s in a rock? A few mineral deposits, maybe a ring of metal—and, possibly, a snippet of the Solar System’s origin story.

That’s the premise under which a team of researchers at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City is operating. By conducting three and two-dimensional image analyses of rocks brought to Earth from space, these scientists hope to demystify the elemental formations that birthed the planets we know today.

Denton Ebel, chair of the AMNH’s physical sciences division, explained that much of our understanding of the inchoate Solar System can be gleaned from studying chondrites, which are stony meteorites that contain molten droplets of minerals. Unlike most meteorites at the time of the Solar System’s formation, chondrites never joined a large planet or underwent extensive physical maturation; thus, they’re one of the most primitive forms of mass from the Solar System in existence, rendering them ideal candidates for this area of study.

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Men's and Women's Fragrance Launches for Spring

Someone smells good. I was able to enjoy several fragrance launches in the last month to coincide with fashion week events. Tommy Bahama unveiled both a men's and women's Island Life fragrance at an intimate event that took us out of the winter and gave us the beach.

They had a paddle boarding simulator for us snow-bound fans to practice surfboard skills. A sand castle artist created fanciful structures to perch the fragrances on top of. Guests sipped orchid topped fruity rum drinks. Fellow writers & my Aussie peep Brian all agreed that the Tommy Bahama Island Life for Him cologne was our favorite of the two. It had a clean, light, spicy scent. The bottle had a rattan design to emulate a posh beach villa. The women's fragrance had more of a fruity, floral scent. I loved the hammered gold topper and ridged glass bottle that looked like shutters on a beach house.

 A very different aesthetic was presented by Issey Miyake City Blossom. This was a launch that collaborated with Parisian street artist Mademoiselle Maurice.  The artist created intricate origami installations at the boutiques in each of their launch cities to show man-made flowers blooming in all the urban centers. Quite a trip away from the tropical oasis of the scents above.

My L'eau d'Issey perfume was the fragrance of my 1990's. I enjoyed testing out their update which had a similar spire shaped bottle to the 90's original. It had notes of the former, but with a bit more edge with cedar and pink peppercorn, freesia and magnolia.

So much of a scent's identity lies within the lifestyle you aspire to. One brand exuded a relaxed paradise away from the urban hustle. The other brand celebrated the art and culture that flourishes in it. Whatever path in life you choose to lead, there is a men's or women's fragrance to let you immerse yourself in it.

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New LHC Experiment to Seek Miniature Black Holes and Disprove the Big Bang Theory

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – a massive particle accelerator, located 175 metres beneath the Franco-Swiss border –

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