Friday, 1 May 2015

Physicists spy on random motion of electrons with defective diamonds

Normally, noise is something we scientists try to avoid. In the most advanced physics experiments, the goal is usually to measure something new. If you ever ask the experimenters why it took them so long to do a measurement, the most common answer is "finding a way to defeat the noise."

Sometimes, though, the noise becomes more interesting than the signal, telling us new things about the physical system we are studying. The study of noise is not new, of course, but with our increasingly precise control of quantum systems, we can study it in ever finer detail.

In this case, researchers studied Johnson noise, otherwise known as white noise. In a metal, there is a sea of electrons that is free to travel around in constant motion—the fact that the temperature is above absolute zero is enough to keep electrons in motion. Because of this motion, the density of electrons varies slightly from place to place at any given time. These fluctuations create small attractive and repulsive forces that drive electrons to attempt to neutralize the fields. In doing so, they create new density fluctuations and fields in an endlessly repeating cycle.

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Artificial crystal: Magnetism in World Cup fever

It is a situation familiar from one’s own living environment: relations between neighbours can be intense, yet also

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Googlebot sees ZazMySite-built product grids as my own page's content - it doesn't if I use...

Googlebot sees ZazMySite-built product grids as my own page's content - it doesn't if I use Zazzle Store Builder

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Apple releases open source ResearchKit framework to developers

One of the non-Apple-Watch things that Apple talked about onstage at its product event last month was ResearchKit, a new framework that (with explicit permission from the user) could turn your phone into an always-on, always-with-you tool for collecting health data. As promised, Apple has now released the framework, which is available not just to iOS developers but also as an open source project on GitHub.

The framework includes three basic building blocks for developers to use: the first, called Participant Consent, allows you to explain the parameters of your study, what data you're collecting, and what you'll be doing with that data. Surveys are what they sound like—customizable surveys you can use to ask subjects questions. And Active Task modules ask subjects to perform certain tasks (walking, speaking, and so on) while being guided by the app.

Apple provides a few basic Active Tasks, outlined below. Developers can add their own tasks as needed.

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Spring Trends with Max Studio's $1000 Online Shopping Spree!

max studio spring 2015

Are you ready for some spring fashion and spring shopping? Leon Max is helping you out with a \$1000 gift card giveaway to nab the latest spring trends for your closet. I have been a longtime fan of Max Studio’s Euro-chic style and fashion forward fabrications.

Inspired by 2015’s Color of the Year Marsala, I have already picked out some of the spring and summer Max Studio pieces I will be buying if I win this contest. I love all the spice colors of the cotton rayon cap sleeve sweater dress. The leather moto jacket has a feminine update and great for layering on top of dresses in cooler weather. I love a bohemian hat and paparazzi-repelling sunglasses. Those slashed leather stilettos? How HOT are those?

Of course, I am not the only shopper of Leon Max’s fashion collection. Zooey Deschanel and Olivia Wilde also count themselves as fans. I particularly love the body hugging knits and beaded details on the evening pieces. The Hollywood set I’m sure is lounging around in their floating maxi dresses.
The jet-setting look of the Max Studio fashion collection is so comprehensive because their design team spans Los Angeles, New York, and London. If you look closely at the styles, you can almost pick out exactly where each look was designed.

I also like their collections because I find that the styles are really well priced for the quality and construction of each style. I don’t always splurge, but I have Max Studio dresses from fifteen years ago that I still love.

Whether you are shopping on your own or letting Leon Max treat you, stay up to date on the latest new on the brand from the Max Studio Facebook page. Don’t forget to enter their \$1000 gift card giveaway right on their site! You just need to enter your e-mail before Friday, March 27th, 2015.

Presented by Leon Max and Max Studio.
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Light-powered gyroscope is world’s smallest: Promises a powerful spin on navigation

A pair of light waves – one zipping clockwise the other counterclockwise around a microscopic track – may

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A Global Art Project Brings Paintings of Anonymous Figures out of Museums and onto the Streets


While visiting the Louvre last last year, artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca was struck by an Ingres painting of a female prisoner tucked unceremoniously into a corner of the museum. He suddenly had an idea: what if he could somehow free her—both figuratively and literally—by reproducing her figure on a public street. People may not know the painting, or even the artist, but at least the image would be seen by potentially hundreds or even thousands more people who may never visit the Louvre. With that single act, the Outings Project was born.

Since sharing photos of the first artwork online, people in at least 18 cities have liberated similar anonymous characters found in master paintings and pasted them up in public spaces in London, Barcelona, Chicago, Rome, and elsewhere. Casabianca says the global participation was completely unplanned and unexpected but he’s embraced the idea wholeheartedly.

When asked about the possibility of an artwork being taken out of context or without attribution he shares via email, “we don’t want to tell you something that you don’t know, and we don’t want people to feel ignorant. You have just to feel that [the artwork] is ancient and shifted, you have just to be touched by the emotion, by the esthetic, by the art.”

Art enthusiasts aren’t the only ones paying attention to the Outings Project. Two museums in Madrid and Poland have also engaged the artist to “play with their art in public.” Casabianca is now on a 12-city tour around the United States bringing more unknown figures in local museums into the light. You can follow the most recent classical art paste-ups on the project’s Facebook or Instagram. (via This Isn’t Happiness, Slate, Hyperallergic)









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Protosuns Teeming with Prebiotic Molecules Necessary for Life

An international group of scientists have recently discovered that complex organic molecules, such as formamide, exist not only

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