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Chaotic orbital interactions keep flipping Pluto’s moons

Here on Earth, our days are predictable, with sunrise following sunset each day at regular intervals. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if the Sun set in the west one day and in the north the next?

Inhabitants of two of Pluto’s moons—Nix or Hydra—would not know when each day would begin and from which direction the Sun would rise. This is because, like two cosmic footballs, these moons are wobbling erratically as they travel through space. “Living on Nix, you literally would not know if the Sun was coming up tomorrow,” said Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute and co-author of a new study.

The Pluto system is unique in that it contains the only binary planet system in our solar system. Pluto and its largest moon Charon are what scientists refer to as a double-dwarf system. Pluto is currently classified as a dwarf planet; while Charon is technically labeled a moon, both bodies orbit the same point in space—a point that isn’t within the circumference of either body.

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Clarion Alley Street Art - Graffiti in Fashion

clarion alley street art

street art sf

This is my last day in San Francisco. I made a trip to the city's famed Clarion Alley, known for its amazing street art. In the 1990s, the mural project was first conceptualized by several residents of the street. Now it is a constantly rotating outdoor gallery depicting the struggles of gentrification and displacement in the community (more timely than ever).

Graffiti and street art has always been an inspiration to other creatives. Once a menace to property owners, street art is now a widely recognized medium being sought after by brands and collaborators alike.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Punk: Chaos to Couture Exhibit showed plenty of graffiti adorned styles. Perrier collaborated with prominent street artists around the world in their campaign last year. Designer Marc Jacobs and Kidult had an on-going feud that many suspected was a collaboration. The artist  Kidult defacing the designer's boutique with graffiti and then Jacobs responding by selling fashion with the Kidult's artwork as revenge.

graffiti fashion

For fall 2015, regal fashion designer Naeem Khan commissioned a mural as the backdrop from Miami artist Trek6. Moschino worked cartoons and street art into their fall 2015 collection. Raf Simons created a graffiti coat for fall 2015 worn by Rihanna.

Graffiti and street art may have come from humble beginnings, but it has increasingly become haute. Graffiti fashion is the literal expression of street style!
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Cyclone Racing adds wings to formula racer, looks for quicker laps on track

Roger Steinforth has been through all the data from all the computer simulations. And he thinks adding wings

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Kinetic Hair Dryer Installations by Antoine Terrieux


As part of an exhibition last December at the Maison Des Jonglages (House of Juggling) in La Courneuve, France, magician and juggler Antoine Terrieux created this series of kinetic artworks using different arrangements of hair dryers. The dryers were positioned in such a way as to create an updraft for a paper airplane to fly around, a spinning vortex of water vapor, and other unexpected configurations. Terrieux also incorporates hair dryers into his performances. (via La boite verte)

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Zazzlers: Huge market gap!

Zazzlers: Huge market gap!
Here's another big gap in the market I just found: nameplates for medical doctors. Only 98 in the market place right now. At least, that's what I get when I search on medical doctor and browse to the nameplate department in Office Products.

I noticed because I'm working on a medical boutique for my aff site right now.

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I don't usually watch much in the way of dance routines - but this one impressed me - graceful,...

I don't usually watch much in the way of dance routines - but this one impressed me - graceful, some hypnotic movements (in the way that moonwalking deceives the eye) and... well, watch it yourself!

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Physics returns to the LHC at new energies

Earlier today, science returned to the tunnels of the LHC with the first collisions dedicated to physics in over two years. At 10:40am local time (4:40am EDT), detectors started taking data from 13 Tera-electronVolt collisions.

These weren't the first protons we've accelerated to these energies; they weren't even the first collisions at these energies. For the past several weeks, the machine's operators have been ensuring that all the upgraded hardware in the system behaved as expected and gained experience with controlling protons at these energies. As part of that process, some collisions were performed to check out the relevant hardware. Since the collisions were happening anyway, the teams behind the detectors captured what was happening.

The real change today is that the collisions weren't performed in order to test any hardware—they were purely done to gather data. And the detectors were definitely capturing data.

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SlowCoast Pop-Up Boutiques

I am currently enjoying a gorgeous road trip along the California Coast. I wasn't looking for a great shopping find, but I came across SLOWCOAST's Airstream boutique. I saw a few of their pop-up shops on my trip but this one was my favorite.

Like the farm to table, slow food movement, SLOWCOAST has a relaxed, artisanal approach to their collection. They offer their own collection of surf style-inspired clothing, handmade bath products, vintage farm shirts and edibles. 
The created a comfy seating area with hay bales and old blankets. The Airstream trailer smelled  beautiful from their natural spa line. A rustic fenced off area grew "slow food".

Slowcoast is committed to a sustainable, organic, hand crafted lifestyle. This also extends to their event planning. Couples who enjoy these qualities can work with the company for their own weddings. They also have a service to put together gift boxes for corporate programs as an alternative to the typical gifting programs.

Their business benefits several causes. They believe in saving turtles, preserving the ocean, forests and giving back to the community. You can purchase Slowcoast's Causebar products to benefit a specific cause.

If you find yourself surfing, exploring or just browsing along a California beach, step into SLOWCOAST's serene world.

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Researchers Discover Electron Pairing without Superconductivity

A team of physicists from the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the U.S. Naval Research

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