Thursday, 25 June 2015

New Reflected Landscapes and Photo Manipulations by Victoria Siemer


Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer (previously) explores the idea of fractured landscapes through photo manipulations and collages. Siemer makes use of reflected geometric shapes suspended over gloomy natural landscapes shrouded in fog and clouds resulting in portal-like mirrors. She says much of her work is guided by the idea of emotional fragmentation and “fragmentation of the self,” a topic she explored in-depth while studying design at SUNY Buffalo. You can keep up with her work on Instagram and some of her pieces are available as prints.









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Zazzlers: Market Gaps just found:

Zazzlers: Market Gaps just found:
I'm actively looking into Birthdays now. It's going to be a new Boutique on Karmani Designer Lifestyle:

I'm finding very few wrapping paper products for a search for "infants birthdays", "toddler birthdays"
Also, not much in the way of "first birthday" in the Craft Supplies area.

If you're quick and get some of those products made, you stand a massive chance of getting them promoted in my boutique.

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Ricky & Doris: An Unconventional Friendship in New York City (with Puppets)

Doris Diether is a former journalist and longtime activist in New York who is often seen strolling through Washington Square Park chatting with just about everyone. Ricky Syers is a musician and marionetteer who encountered Diether the first week he arrived in the park with his marionettes several years ago and was struck by her outgoing nature. He immediately created a puppet in her image and the two have since become staples of the neighborhood who frequently appear in photographs and interviews together.

Filmmaker David Friedman made this great documentary short for AARP detailing the roots of their friendship and how they first met.


Pulling her own strings, 2013, Victor Shoup

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