Monday, 7 September 2015

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Food chain Chipotle sued over its “GMO free” claims

Earlier this year, the restaurant chain Chipotle announced to much fanfare that it was halting the use of GMOs in the food it serves. That announcement has since been amplified by advertisements and displays in its restaurants. At least one California resident, however, thinks the chain is not living up to its promises and is suing Chipotle under the state's Consumer Legal Remedies Act and seeking class action status for the suit.

The suit carefully avoids discussing whether eating GMO foods has any consequences for the plaintiff, thus neatly dodging the need to contain any scientific content. But it does contain some questionable logic: some of the chain's meat and dairy products come from animals that were fed GMO food, and therefore allegedly contain GMOs as well.

The suit has been filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District of California on behalf of Colleen Gallagher and the class of Chipotle customer she's a part of. Said customers have allegedly seen the anti-GMO advertising and "been deceived into buying Chipotle’s food, or paying more for Chipotle products than they would have otherwise paid."

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Artists Ella & Pitr Paint 21,000 Meter Rooftop Mural in Norway


Ahead of the 15th annual NuArt street art festival opening this weekend in Norway, French artists Ella & Pitr completed work on this absolutely enormous mural on the rooftop of the Block Berge Bygg construction company located in the municipality of Klepp in Rogaland county. The piece is titled “Lilith and Olaf” and depicts a curled up girl with painted toenails dropping a small king from her hand. The work is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of King Olaf I of Norway whose birthplace is just meters from the mural.

The 21,000 square meter artwork required an army of volunteers to paint and according to NuArt’s general manager, James Finucane, it is most likely the “the world’s largest outdoor mural.” Over at Brooklyn Street Art they add the qualifier that it is most likely the “the world’s largest figurative mural.” The artwork is also strategically placed on the flight path to the nearby Sola airport where it can clearly be viewed from above.

Ella & Pitr are known for their ambitiously large mural projects in a similar illustrative style, more of which you can see here. The NuArt festival runs through October 11, 2015. (via Huffington Post, Designboom)







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First demonstration of matter wave technique that could cool molecules

Researchers from the University of Southampton have demonstrated for the first time a new laser cooling method, based

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An affordable, self-correcting, multi-material 3D printing platform

Research on 3D printing (also called additive manufacturing) has increased the accessibility of the technology to the general public. Today you can even buy your own 3D printer, although at a steep price—the cost of these systems has hindered their wide-scale use. Recently, an interdisciplinary team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has partly addressed this limitation by building a relatively cheap printer that can handle multiple materials.

From the beginning, the team was interested in a 3D printing platform that relied on commercial, off-the-shelf parts. Over the past three years, they’ve developed an impressive multi-material 3D printing platform that costs around $7,000—over an order of magnitude cheaper than other multi-material systems.

The printer is 1.2m x 0.6m x 1m (w, l, h), and its frame is made of aluminum attached to UV-blocking acrylic sheets. An exhaust duct is connected to the rear of the panel where two electric fans are used to expel gases and particulates.

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Aritzia Holiday 2015

aritzia holiday 2015
aritzia parka

One mildly cooler day in NYC and we're looking at winter clothes already. With Aritzia's holiday 2015 lineup, at least it was a fashion collection that was fun. This Canadian label is a favorite of my sister's in Toronto and many of my friends. I like the work clothes with a fashion forward twist vibe to the overall collection. I think the best Canadian labels follow that model.

For holiday 2015, they prominently featured crushed silk velvet, one of my favorite fabrics of all time. They had cute faux fur wraps to accent, thick satin and herringbone pattern sequined separates.

Outerwear is a big strength of theirs for when it gets really cold (well, I guess a Canadian fashion brand should be). They offered up a collection of Parkas and Parka-lite styles that bring more edge and style than your typical winter utility garment. On their website, they also offer other Canadian labels like Mackage for chic jackets.

They are still doing their own athleisure collection, but at a smaller scale. They have terrific gift options in accessories. I am a big fan of their woolly giant shawls that double as blankets. Their Babaton line of handbags are very well made and designed with many pockets for people like me.

While it is still warm out, I am love with the rayon tees and silk rompers I picked up today with my gift card. I'll come back for the rest when the mercury drops.

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Video: Now you see it…

Andrea Alù, an engineering professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has an amazing job description: he

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